I’ve done several live videos discussing how to address suicide. However, I wanted to compile this information into a resource that would be easily accessible for quick reference. Here are the definitions used by the National Institute for Mental Health Suicide is when people direct violence at themselves with the intent to end their lives,


Anxiety is the most common mental disorder. It is the overreaction to perceived threats, stress, and problems. There are four main categories for anxiety. Below we’ll explore each of them in detail. More information can be found in the DSM-5 and the National Institute for Mental Health. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): OCD is characterized by


Depression is a tricky disease. Sometimes it can be caused by an underlying physical problem or  by a traumatic event. Sometimes there is no discernible cause of depression. There are a few different types of depression, each with varying symptoms and levels of intensity. Here we will explore them in detail.  Patients must have five

Episode #27 Anxiety Be Gone

Shelby and Hannah discuss living with anxiety and how to manage stress before it gets out of control. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS


Sleep is an incredibly important part of our mental health. When we sleep, our brain is allowed to reset; it processes information, memories, thoughts, and emotions. Nourishing sleep is key to optimal brain health and mental well-being. The following are recommendations and tips on how to improve your bedtime and sleeping habits so your body

Medication Phobia

I work in an outpatient mental health clinic treating depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. I find that one issue comes up repeatedly and that is the debate on whether or not to use medications. It is an interesting phenomenon because in all other areas of medicine patients assume they will be prescribed a