My passion for helping people started at the ripe old age of 5, when I decided I wanted to be like Florence Nightingale and Mother Theresa… What every 5 year old dreams of right?? Fast forward 17 years later I graduated from nursing school 60 pounds overweight, struggling with depression, and frustrated by my lack of influence as a nurse.

I started working with diabetic patients and realized that if I truly wanted to help people I had to first take care of my own health. I started following the standard recommendations from the American Diabetes Association (eat less, exercise more etc.) and found that the lifestyle changes helped… some. I lost 20 pounds while also supplementing with a diabetic medication and felt proud of my progress. I had always struggled with hypoglycemia and excessive abdominal weight. I thought it was just part of my genetics and that I was doomed to always be overweight.

Six months later I encountered a new way of eating that eliminated grain and dairy as a way to reduce inflammation and restore health and so began my journey into a real food diet. I experienced energy and clarity I never had before. My pre-diabetes and depression symptoms disappeared and my weight began to drop.


Now I teach yoga two days per week, encourage my students to incorporate self-care into their lives, and focus on educating everyone I can about a real food lifestyle. I’m also taking graduate classes and facilitating a health lifestyle for my family of 6, so I know what it’s like to try to feed a family on a budget and keep up with a stressful lifestyle.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Info at Bachelor of Science

Masters of Nursing for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (In Progress) – Info at Master of Nursing

Balanced Bites Master Class Practitioner – Info at Balanced Bites Master Class

Certified in Buti Yoga, Hot core, and Sculpt – Info at Buti Yoga