Hello Friends, 

I feel like I’m constantly telling you about what I’m learning in counseling. Perhaps it’s old news but counseling truly is thrilling and scary. 

One of the analogies my therapist uses is called the drama triangle. Everyday we are given an opportunity to decide what kind of life we want to have. We have a choice. We can decide if we want to have drama and chaos in our lives or not. 

This may not surprise you, but I have found that most people would prefer to stay in the drama triangle. Most people enjoy their role as a villain, victim, or hero. Occasionally a character in the triangle will want to change their position and not want to be the villain for example. Most people deep down actually enjoy the drama and chaos because as long as there is chaos we don’t have to deal with our problems.

Do you know that drama is entertaining? Believe it or not technology has increased our ability to participate in other people’s drama on a global scale. Bored? Tired? Nothing going on? Turn on YouTube, Bravo TV, or better yet Facebook and get ready for a whirlwind of drama. 

As human beings I think we are fascinated by human behavior. Why do you think reality TV is so popular? I think there is a part of us that enjoys watching the lives of other people as a way to disconnect from our own. 

On a deep level I truly believe that all human beings want to be connected. We crave intimacy. We want to be truly known and loved. However, in our modern and busy world it is so simple to disconnect. Sit and watch TV for a few hours. Passively observe the drama in the lives of others so we don’t have to deal with our own. How do you feel afterward? Sure you might feel relaxed, but does it feed your soul? Do you feel alive or just numb? I’ll be honest I enjoy watching television at times but when I’m done I feel like a lazy bum. 

Do you have drama in your life? Do you often find yourself in situations in which conflict is a constant factor? If the answer is yes, then the next question I would ask is… Do you enjoy it? 

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