Foster Care 101

Recently a friend asked me some very thoughtful questions about foster care and what the process has been like. I’m very thankful that she asked, and I decided that a blog post would provide a more thorough response so maybe others can benefit as well. First let me start by discussing a few of the

Children vs. Vegetables

I should start this by telling you a little story. This is perhaps a little scary because I’m giving you the opportunity to judge my parenting skills. Two years ago we had the opportunity to bring two little boys into our home. Derek and I were nervous because although we loved children we had never

Feeling Anxious?

Yesterday I was feeling anxious. Perhaps you can relate? I was short tempered with my kids. It seemed like every little thing that could go wrong happened including one child spilling cream all over the kitchen floor and the other children getting into a screaming match. Some days I’m convinced that stuff like this only

2017 Lessons

Hello everyone… Well it’s official. Today I am blogging. Who knows if I will actually finish this post today or not? I intended to start writing at 8 am this morning and it is now 2:23 pm. #momlife Today I started my morning with prayer, and it has completely changed the tone of my entire