It’s me again!

Before we start talking about exercise prescriptions and muscle groups, I want to just encourage more movement. It doesn’t have to be “real” exercise. It doesn’t have to be a 2-mile walk. You don’t have to go to the gym. Just do something more than what you have been doing! Something is better than nothing!

Have you ever watched a newborn baby kick around? Have you ever laid down next to them and tried to mimic their movements for a few minutes? Talk about full body workout! My son would kick his legs for 20 minutes without ever letting them touch the ground. I can’t do that. I also don’t have the six pack he now has. Isn’t it amazing that in a matter of months a baby can go from being totally incapable of supporting their own heads to being totally capable of climbing onto anything than interests them? They never hit the gym, yet they have developed an incredible amount of muscle just by moving! I challenge you to incorporate movement throughout the day into the things you already do!


Here are a few ideas:

Wall sits while you brush your teeth (can anyone beat 2 minutes?)

Calf raises while standing in line at the grocery store

Push ups while your omelet is cooking

Sit ups while you scroll through Pinterest looking for dinner ideas

Pull ups on the monkey bars when you take your kids to the park

Kegels or glute squeezes while you are driving


What do you do to stay on the move throughout the day? What do you want to try this week?

Until next time,


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