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Episode 4: Developing a Summer Routine

Episode #4: Developing a Summer Routine

 Summertime promises relief from the normal grind of the school year. However, if we’re not careful, summer can become a stress of activities (or lack thereof!) that burns us out and overwhelms our kids. Today, I will talk about the different strategies and activities we can implement to make summers smoother and more enjoyable for the entire family.

Limit organized activities [1:45]

 Sports and other activities can be wonderful if your kids are truly engaged by them. When deciding on whether to sign your kids up for organized functions, ask yourself if these obligations are something that they will be consistently excited to devote their time to, as well as whether you have the logistical capacity for those commitments, and act accordingly. 

Shelby’s Summer Priorities [3:00]

 Reading, visits to the library, weekly trips to the local pool, manageable play dates, and 2-3 hours of daily outdoor time/free play are all things I am prioritizing this season. These activities work for my family and provide structure while being relaxed.

The Importance of Independent Play [4:35]

 Independent play helps children identify their needs, meet their own needs, fosters creativity, and helps them problem-solve. While we want to be attentive to our children, we can let go of the guilt of not constantly playing with them because independent play is such a huge part of their development, learning, and regulation. This is important to remember during the summer months when we can feel more pressure to entertain our kids.

Instituting a Quiet Time  [6:45]

 Something my family does throughout the school-year and that we will carry into our summer routine is “quiet time.” For an hour or two every day in the afternoons, the kids will read or play in their rooms, and I can take that time to get work done, do my devotionals, take a nap, or whatever else I need solitude in order to do. This gives everybody a break and time to reset so we’re refreshed for the second-half of the day. 

 Questions to Consider When Planning a Summer Routine [9:03]

    •  What season of life am I in?
    • How much energy do I have?
    • How much time do I have?
    • Am I asking myself to do too much?
  • Why am I wanting to do the activities I’m planning? 
  • What are my values and how can I integrate them into our routine?

  Summertime can be a great opportunity to slow down, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges, too. By evaluating our expectations, defining our priorities, building our routine around our values, planning for rest, and not putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves to be the perfect “fun” mom, we can set our family up to enjoy the things most important to us this summer. 

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