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Episode 7: The Enneagram and Motherhood with Tess

 Episode #7: The Enneagram and Motherhood with Tess O’Driscoll

On this episode of Rooted Mama, I talk with Tess O’Driscoll of the Enneagram Mom! The enneagram is a personality test that sorts individuals into an “enneagram number” (ranging from 1-9) that focuses on how an individual sees the world, rather than how the world sees them. This means that the enneagram can help us understand our strengths and weaknesses associated with our “number” so that we can tap into our highest selves. As an enneagram coach, Tess helps moms embrace their full potential while becoming aware of the tendencies that hold them back.

What’s the best way to discover my enneagram number? [9:00]

While there are many enneagram tests available online, they can be confusing! Tess has received multiple DMs from confused enneagram test-takers that can’t decipher their results. So what’s the alternative? Tess’s podcast! “The Enneagram Mom” focuses on one enneagram number’s traits per episode, so you’ll quickly grow familiar with the characteristics of each type and have a better feel for which number you fall into–no test necessary!

What are the characteristics of each enneagram number? [10:28]

Enneagram 1, “The Reformer”: Perfectionist, improvement driven, values being “good.”

Enneagram 2, “The Giver”: Natural caretaker, motivated by being needed, empathetic.

Enneagram 3, “The Achiever”: Multi-passionate, social-chameleon, ambitious.

Enneagram 4, “The Individualist”: Strong sense of self, deep feelings, desires to stand-out.

Enneagram 5, “The Intellectual”: Knowledgeable, research-driven, loathes not knowing something.

Enneagram 6, “The Loyalist”: Connects strongly to others, compassionate, trustworthy.

Enneagram 7, “The Enthusiast”: Adventure-seeking, avoids discomfort, fears missing out.

Enneagram 8, “The Challenger”: Genuine, fiercely independent, passionate, has intense focus.

Enneagram 9, “The Peacemaker”: Calm, mediator, avoids conflict, values stability.   

How can the enneagram help us in motherhood? [20:05]

The enneagram gives us the freedom to recognize how we are different! Seeing the traits that are associated with each enneagram type and getting to know ourselves in that context can allow us the freedom to embrace the traits that we do have instead of struggling to adopt completely new traits in ways that don’t suit us. We can utilize our strengths as a mama!

How can the enneagram help us moms know how to take care of ourselves? [30:12]

Our enneagram numbers move during times of stress. Knowing which number we “move” to during these times helps us know what will be beneficial in managing our stress. For example, the ways that numbers change and the subsequent basic actions that can be taken to manage stress are:

1 (moves to 4): find a quiet place to be alone and journal.

2 (moves to 8): ask directly for needs to be met.

3 (moves to 9): take time to pursue a hobby.

4 (moves to 2): reach out to connect with others.

5 (moves to 7): find fun and/or spontaneity.

6 moves to 3: implement a plan and structure to help meet a goal.

7 moves to 1: focus on organization.

8 goes to 5: find solitude to make decisions.

9 goes to 6: make plans for the day.

The Enneagram is a wonderful tool to help us embrace our strengths and know what steps we need to take in order to strengthen our weaknesses. In doing so, it allows us to better manage our stress and become the best versions of ourselves–as people and parents!

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