Welcome! Today we are interviewing Kate Markovitz

[0:55] Summary of Postpartum Depression

[3:15] Introduction of Kate

[5:01] Shelby: How do you take care of your mental health?

[7:14] Can you tell us little bit about yourself and how having a baby was for you?

[13:04] Why do you think that it is that mom’s tend to blame ourselves for anything that goes wrong?

[15:00] Expectations we put on ourselves

[18:58] How did you learn to manage your postpartum anxiety? How did you get to the point where you could open up about it authentically?

[30:05] Expectations for children

[37:50] Create a community of support

[39:38] Don’t worry about the messes

[48:00] Medications and counseling

[48:45] What are your tips for brand new moms and experienced moms?

[51:48] Follow Kate on Instagram @holistickate or her website holistickate.com or The Ladies Dish podcast


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