Let’s talk skin type!  This is a crazy frustrating topic for so many reasons!  Let’s start by identifying the types of skin and then we’ll get into why this topic makes me infuriates me. To figure out what type of skin you have follow these simple steps:

  1. Wash your face and gently pat dry
  2. Leave your skin clean for a few hours (no makeup, no products)
  3. How does it feel? Does it feel tight, does it feel oily, both, neither?
  4. Compare to the helpful chart above

skin type

In my mind, as a 12-year-old (when I started noticing I had skin and I wanted it to look nice), there were only three types of skin: normal, oily, and dry. Sadly, it seemed I fell into each of those three categories depending on the time of year, what was going on in my life, what I was eating, whether we were talking about my forehead or my cheeks, etc. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one with a mixture of all three of the main skin types.  The fourth type of skin, combination skin can be so infuriating!  Do I put lotion on it, do I need to wash it more, why is this section oily and this section dry?  How is that even possible?  Is all of this even my skin?!?!

A quick jaunt down the personal gal care aisle at Walmart indicates many products are targeted at specific skin types.  Do I get the oily skin stuff or the dry skin stuff?  Do I need to buy both and somehow use oily and dry skin products simultaneously!?!? SOS, HELP!!!!

I buy a lot of products because of reviews from my friends and family.  Everything from leggings to dish soap but with beauty products, it doesn’t always work out.  I can’t buy exactly what my best friend uses because our skin types are different and require different care.  Once you have determined which skin type you have, you need to figure out what products you should use to completely own your skin type and play up those strengths!

Skin type What to use
Normal Lucky duck! You can use a wide range of products!  Your skin has the perfect moisture-protein balance.  The world is your oyster!
Dry Creams or lotions work great to rehydrate the skin!
Oily Charcoal masks are a fantastic treatment for oily skin treatment because it draws dirt out of the pores! Gels are also a great option because when your skin overproduces oil it means that your skin is dry and needs to be hydrated.
Combination Lotions and serums are a great for combo skin!  Charcoal is also a great option, you can put the charcoal mask right on the oily T zone!
Sensitive Products must be carefully selected to avoid irritants and reactions.  Stay away from chemicals and fragrances for best results!

The chart above is super helpful, but I am head over heels for the Beautycounter skin care lines because they use safer ingredients and there is something for every skin type. They even have a quiz that makes it so easy to figure out exactly what I should be using! If you have questions about your specific skin type or product recommendations send me an email at info@shelbyleppin.com!

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